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Breathable packable mask (Pale white)

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Breathable packable mask (Pale white)

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・ One size fits all

・ Covers nose and mouth

・ Folds, hangs from neck

・ Washable (hand wash)
・ Anti-virus material

・ Space is secured by the internal resin wire frame to reduce discomfort in the mouth ・ Filter can be attached to the wire frame

・ Pleated fabric: 100% cotton
・ Separate cloth: 60% cotton 40% nylon

-Uses antiviral material [Klenze].

Cleanse is effective against various viruses including the new coronavirus, and it has been confirmed by domestic testing institutions that the number of viruses on the surface is reduced by 99% or more.


* Should you observe any abnormalities such as irritation during or after use, discontinue use.

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