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Boostorg pullover




*This product is a pre-order item.

Product delivery is scheduled for mid-February 2023.





*The fan unit will be included as service items.

However, we are not able to provide defective products or repairs for these items. Please understand.


*For Overseas Customers
Shipping fees, duties are not included.May vary depending on shipping location.
Please use PayPal to make your purchase. We only accept international credit cards from PayPal.

Boostorg pullover

Out of Stock

・Air condition system
・Air flows from the waist to the whole
・Three levels of air volume adjustment
・Good breathability
・Fan unit included
・ Outer material: 100% nylon

*Use a mobile battery with a capacity of 2.0A or higher.
*If you experience irritation or other abnormalities during or after use, discontinue use.
*Do not sleep while wearing it. If you fall asleep while wearing it, your body temperature will be rapidly depleted, and serious health problems may occur.
*Never put your fingers into the fan. If there are small children nearby, be especially careful not to let them put their fingers into the fan.
*Do not wear in environments where the temperature exceeds 50°C. Risk of burns.
*Do not splash water on the fan unit. If you use it while it is wet, it may cause malfunction. If the fan unit gets wet, dry it thoroughly before using it.
* Be sure to remove the fan unit when washing.
*Do not stop the propeller by inserting a stick into the fan. Also, be careful not to let the fan suck in foreign objects such as cords while in use. It will cause damage to the wings.
*Be careful not to let your hair get caught in the fan.
*If you do not use it for a long time, please remove the battery and store it. Failure to do so may cause malfunction.
*If the battery or fan heats up abnormally, turn off the switch and remove the battery.


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